DRY Nordstau 152

The Nørdstau snowsurfer is built for treeruns and wide open powderfields. Featuring the world’s first 3D powder base, with our innovative Powder Channel and Wings. New for 2017/18 this board now has steel edges and a sintered iso 7200 ptex base. This is the ultimate snowsurfer for deep powder days, giving you enough float to stay on top of your descent.

€ 799

Innovative 3d base

Our Nørdstau has a unique 3D shaped base that we’ve developed over the past 3 years. It is surf inspired from tip to tail! The full rocker board has a blunt, super wide, concave nose that provides unparalleled float - not just a spoonful. A central Powder Channel runs from right below your front foot to the tail to increase forward thrust. Left and right of this channel, a double concave profile ensures you to go “immer geradeaus”. With the Powder Wings at the rear you will make solid spraying cutbacks and the smoothest and most controlled turns. A short swallowtail will make tight tree runs easy as f*ck.


The Nørdstau is a hybrid snowsurfer that can be used with your normal snowboard bindings attached to it. If you like to go binding free you can attach the traction pad with or without hooks. Click on the leash and step into a new world of binding free snowsurfing!

built with love

By keeping the environment in mind with every technical choice we make, we managed to find and use materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We will strive for the best performing and ECO friendly boards achievable.

What does this mean?

  • First class Bamboo (FSC) for the top sheet. A core made of BComp Balsa wood (FSC).
  • Natural Flax fibers where possible.
  • Entropy Super Sap Resin that balances performance with environmental sustainability.
  • Hand made with a little help of high-tech machines.
  • Extra hardened steel edges.


Our boards are shaped by hand and produced with high-tech machines. This way we can guarantee a high standard of quality and performance.


This isn’t your average snowboard, or even snowsurfer. It can handle snow conditions from 15 cm and up. It performs best when it’s overhead: the Nørdstau is intended for deep powder days.

Snow conditions

hard pack deep powder

riderweight: 150-200 lbs. / 67-91 kg.


You can ride it without bindings but with a leash. Not only will it keep your precious board within reach, it will also make sure you don’t hurt others nearby or even far, far away. Rather make some friends on a powder day!

Backcountry safety
Avalanche awareness and basic first-aid are critical skills for the backcountry rider. Start or refresh your avy and emergency rescue education here and take a course to solidify your knowledge. www.wepowder.nl/academy

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